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New multiport serial board available from Paqworks

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article image CP-118EL Multiport serial board

New from Paqworks is the Moxa CP-118EL, the new addition to Moxa’s arsenal of RoHS-ready multiport serial boards.

The RoHS guidelines, which were mandated by the European Parliament and Council of the European Union, require that manufacturers reduce the amount of hazardous substances used in electrical and electronic equipment.

The directive takes effect in July of 2006. Starting last year, Moxa concentrated much effort on transforming all Moxa products to comply with the RoHS directives, but without sacrificing quality.

Moxa is now ready to introduce CP-118EL, the RoHS-ready 3-in-1 multiport serial board. CP-118EL is an 8-port RS-232/422/485 PCI express board that offers high serial communication speed, a 128-byte FIFO and on-chip H/W, S/W flow control.

The board’s low profile design makes it easy to install in compact-sized PCs.

In addition, a big plus to using CP-118EL is that Moxa provides comprehensive driver support available.

The solid 5-year warranty further illustrates that the quality of Moxa’s new RoHS-ready products is as good as before the RoHS transition.

As the RoHS deadline approaches, Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches, wireless Ethernet products, serial-to-Ethernet products, remote I/O servers, embedded computers, industrial video servers and USB-to-serial hubs have already been upgraded to meet the RoHS requirements.

The entire range of Moxa networking hardware is available from Paqworks Industrial Data Communications.

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