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New industrial telephone modem

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article image Rail-mounted TD-34 industrial modem.

WESTERMO has announced the release of the new TD-34 modem for industrial applications. The modem is available from Paqworks and includes functionality not previously available in the Westermo range.

The TD-34 allows PLCs, alarm panels, or devices with an RS232, 422 or 485 serial port to communicate with PCs or similar type of equipment located anywhere in the world using the local telephone network.

Typical applications are in remote diagnostics, alarm reporting, security, data logging, SCADA and telemetry.

The TD-34 can also be used to dial in to a LAN or WAN using Westermo's ED-20 industrial Ethernet router. Caller-ID, password protection and dial-back capabilities ensure maximum protection against unauthorised access.

The modem has features not available in commercial grade products such as DIN-rail mounting, wide operating voltages, galvanic isolation, operating temperature between -40°C to +70°C, and transient protection on all ports.

A ‘watch dog’ timer function, a standard feature on all Westermo products, resets the unit if a power outage or other disturbance causes the modem to lock up.

DIP switch settings eliminate the need for use of AT commands. A fall-back function provides communications path redundancy for critical applications.

A contact closure from connected equipment can initiate a call to a programmed number. Conversely the modem has an output contact that can be energised by remote dial in.

The TD-34 is approved for use worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand. It can also be used on public or private leased lines in 2 or 4-wire mode.

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