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IP Network Cameras available from Paqworks

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IP Network Cameras are available from Paqworks . IP network cameras are essentially a combination of a digital camera and a computer.

Each camera has a unique IP address and an ethernet (RJ45) connection. IP network cameras can be connected directly to a computer network.

A network could be as simple as one camera connected to one computer or a 1000 cameras spread across the world connected together using ISDN, DSL, WiFi, 3G, copper or fibre optics.

Superior image quality:

IP network cameras offer high resolution than conventional CCTV systems. The new generation IP cameras offer full mega pixel resolution (1280 x 960 lines), providing up to 12 times more detail than 95% of current CCTV systems.

Mega pixel resolution provides a clear image when it comes to identifying items like vehicle number plates and facial recognition, making IP cameras an ideal choice for many security applications.

More than a camera:

IP network cameras not only provide vastly improved image quality, but incorporate a host of features that set them apart from previous generation camera technology including:

  • PoE (power over ethernet) wiring
  • Event based storage, not using bandwidth when there is actually nothing to send
  • Exposure compensation configured individually for each camera for optimal image quality
  • Efficient video compression for low network load
  • Built-in microphones and loudspeakers for live bi-directional audio and integration with VoIP telephony
  • No software installation required and low set-up costs
  • Remote online access through any web browser
  • Built-in PIR movement detectors

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