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WESTERMO Teleindustri AB of Sweden has released the LD64 fibre optic interface module for serial data communications, now available in Australia from Paqworks .

The LD64 allows PLCs, RTUs, PCs or any other type of monitoring or control hardware with a serial data port to be connected together in a network using fibre optic cables.

All models have both an RS485 and RS232 ports and are available in versions to suit all popular protocols, fibre optic cable types, and operating voltages.

In addition to standard features such as DIN rail mounting and galvanic isolation, optional features are available such as extended operating temperature, making the unit ideally suited for use in sub stations, power plants, mining sites and remotely located monitoring equipment.

A key feature of this new product family is that users can select the most appropriate network topology for their application:

· Simple point to point configuration which provides the means to extend a serial data communications link between two points;

· Multi-drop or bus topology which allows the creation of "drops" or nodes at specific locations along a fibre cable network;

· The redundant or "self healing" ring topology especially suited to situations where high availability and reliability is desired as a ring network provides a redundant fault tolerant path for data to travel in the event of a break in the fibre cable.

Relay contacts can alert connected equipment of a break in the fibre cable. Each LD64 module can be as far as 25km from the next if using single mode cable.

Simply adding additional modules in the network will extend the distance by a further 25kms each time.

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