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Bittree audio patchbays from Madison Technologies

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article image These audio patchbays feature extra-wide designation strips
The Bittree RS-422 64-Port model of audio patchbays from Madison Technologies effectively route, manage and verify RS-422 signals.

The audio patchbays feature auto-sensing transceivers that receive, interpret and re-transmit regenerated RS-422 signals.

This eliminates the inductive and capacitive signal-distortion that is typical of traditional passive switches.

Operating as a powerful diagnostic tool, the audio patchbays boast the ability to quickly verify the connection status between Masters and Remotes.

Colour-coded LED lights display the transmitting and receiving status of each machine plugged into the audio patchbays, a feature that ensures RS-422 signals are managed and verified in an accurate and reliable manner.

Furthermore, the audio patchbays increase the reliability of RS-422 system connections.

The audio patchbays use robust bantam (TT) audio, rather than card edge patchcords. These are used by competing 2x32 patchbays and often cost double.

The audio patchbays can be used in edit bays and machine rooms in post-production, broadcast and duplication.

Because the audio patchbays also operate as repeaters they are great for larger networked installations.

Designed for remote-delegation protocols such as Sony and Lynx, the audio patchbays feature connection status lights that are easy to read, a high-quality power supply and power-indicator light.

They are SMPTE 207 compliant and feature DE9 female rear interfaces and normalled I/O paired ports.

Housed in a 12” chassis with a powder-coat finish and extra-wide designation strips, the audio patchbays are highly durable.

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