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AdsTec ToughTool Rugged Tablet PC available from Paqworks

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New from Paqworks is the AdsTec Rugged Tablet PC. Designed and manufactured in-house in Germany enables AdsTec to deliver a customised premium product. IT structures need to respond to the evolving daily demands of a networked world. The optimised Tablet PC has been developed to excel in harsh environmental conditions such as manufacturing and mining.

The AdsTec Tablet PC has a monocoque frame which allows for a slim and robust design. Materials such as glass fiber, reinforced plastic and aluminium deliver results for stability and weight. With a rubber coating, AdsTec Tablet PC’s can withstand strong shocks.

Featuring twin bays for identical batteries, the hot-swap technology allows replacing a battery without a time consuming reboot or loss or data. Software monitoring provides information of the level of both batteries.

The 13.3” WXGA TFT display (1280x800) resolution in widescreen format was developed especially for the AdsTec Rugged Tablet PC. The widescreen panel includes a viewing angle of 80 degrees with a contrast of 400:1 and brightness of 360 cd/m². A photo sensor controls the brightness of the backlight based on the ambient light, improving power efficiency.

The RFID reader option enables the use of passive RFID tags for automatic system login. The RFID tag works like a key, eliminating the need for a username or password.

All ports on the AdsTec Tablet PCs are protected by rubber sealing flaps. Wired communication is capable via USB 2.0, FireWire and Ethernet 10/100. There are SD card slots for connecting external or mobile memory. Two SIM card readers enable the optional integrated data communication card.

Mobility requires the ability to work wirelessly. On-board features include Bluetooth 2.0, WLAN 802.11 a/b/g as well as wide area networking through GPRS/UMTS modem. A GPS SIRF III receiver also allows precise determination of location. All antennas are built invisibly into the system.

An optional integrated camera with a resolution of 2 Megapixels with autofocus expands the Tablet PC as a mobile image document tool. An image can be documented with both GPS coordinates and the compass direction.

A 5-wire resistive touch screen with high-stable chemically hardened glass screen comes standard. In addition to or instead of the resistive touch screen, a digitiser with electronic pen is available. The good resolution of the digitiser makes it possible to utilise features of Windows Tablet PC Edition, such as handwriting recognition.

With such an array of advanced features the range of AdsTec Rugged Tablet PCs feature many unique features compared to competitors. With a premium design and build quality each unit is designed to withstand modern harsh environmental manufacturing and mining industries.

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