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article image Prototyping kit for Philips Smart Card.

ASHLING Microsystems has developed a prototyping kit for Philips Semiconductors P8WE5000 and P8RF5000 series Smart Card microcontrollers. The prototyping kit for Smart Card (PKSC) is available now and is used to provide stand-alone device emulation for the Philips 8-bit Smart Card families.

After testing and debugging a Smart Card program (using Ashling's Ultra-P8RF5000 in-circuit emulator, for example) designers can download their Smart Card ROM code to the Ashling PKSC and test the code in a fully functioning card reader system via an optional Smart Card probe.

Probes are available for contact/RF, contactless and SIM/GSM applications. A PC program supports user program download to the PKSC via the PC's RS232 serial port.

The prototyping kit will behave like the target Smart Card containing the actual ROM code and makes testing easy before committing to silicon. First engineering samples of the silicon can also be tested in an optional ZIF SOIC28 socket mounted on a PCB.

The prototyping kit uses the Philips Smart Card emulation chip to ensure 100 per cent accurate emulation of Smart Card operation.

PKSC models are available to support the Philips P8RF5000 and Philips P8WE5000 Smart Card families. Macro Dynamics 03 9720 2399.

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