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Run applications in MMU-protected memory

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ONCORE Systems Corporation, developer of the OnCore OS, has announced a compatibility strategy for VxWorks application developers that enables using VxWorks applications in a mixed OS environment, including Linux, pSOS, POSIX, and other platforms.

Developers can now combine VxWorks and Linux applications on a single instance of silicon without VxWorks. The OnCore OS places all applications in a memory management unit (MMU) - protected virtual memory environment.

STD_Linux - Standard Linux application binaries, from Red Hat, or other compatible sources, can run on top of the OnCore microkernel without modification.

Linux OnCall - OnCore removed all of the Linux process and scheduler code to create a thin Linux Server that makes direct OnCore microkernel calls.

Linux OnCall significantly reduces the amount of memory required as compared to a standard Linux solution, and enables real-time performance for Linux applications.

Linux OnDemand - With OnCore's Linux OnDemand, embedded engineers can design systems that will facilitate loading Linux into embedded systems on a temporary or as-needed basis.

OnCore is a commitment to support a growing list of industry standard APIs. In addition to the VxWorks API, the OnCore OS Development Kit includes support for other leading APIs for pSOS, MicroC/OS-II, POSIX and C-threads applications. Macro Dynamics 03 9720 2399.

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