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Flash file system for embedded processors

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THE emergence of low cost flash as a non-volatile read/write storage medium has been a boon to developers of both large and small embedded systems.

Sometimes though, a file system, rather than native data structures is a requirement.

For example DOS FAT12/16/32 compatibility when writing to Flash Card memory devices or perhaps a file system targeting embedded devices which use NOR or NAND type flash devices that require a high degree of reliability, completely protected against unexpected power-failure or reset.

Also a file system with a small footprint can be an issue particularly with smaller devices like the 8051, AVR or MSP430 where code space is always a valuable resource.

HCC-Embedded (http://www.hcc-embedded.com/site.php), represented by Macro Dynamics , provides a range of file systems that address these issues:

* EFFS-STD; Fully featured Embedded Flash File System for standard flash chips (NOR and NAND) integrated in an embedded design.

* EFFS-FAT; Full FAT12/16/32 file system for use in embedded devices which require access to PC compatible media such as Compact Flash Cards, MultiMediaCards, Secure Digital Cards etc.

* EFFS-THIN; Embedded Flash File System for systems with limited resources: a scalable and highly optimised version of EFFS-FAT resulting in a reduced footprint and memory usage. Developed for 8051 but suitable for any 8 or 16 bit application with limited resources.

Some of the features that EFFS-STD provides include 100% Power Fail Safe, Long Filenames, Multiple Volumes, Directory Handling, Multiple simultaneous files open, Mix of media types, Wear-Leveling (Static and Dynamic), ECC algorithms, Bad Block handling, Standard File API, Secure File API, POSIX API, Reserved Sectors, ANSI C compliant C source, Optional Secure API, Sample Application code, Sample Drivers for several NOR and NAND devices and Detailed Implementation Guide.

Standard drivers are available for Compact Flash (true IDE and memory I/O), MMC/D (SPI implemented in software or hardware) and RAM. HCC-Embedded software is supplied royalty free and with full source C source code.

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