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In-circuit emulators for embedded system microcontrollers and microprocessors.


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14/10/04 - THE emergence of low cost flash as a non-volatile read/write storage medium has been a boon to developers of both large and small embedded systems. Sometimes though, a file system, rather than native data structures is a requirement.
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25/06/02 - HITEX has announced its support for the Philips Semiconductor 80C51MX Memory eXtension microprocessor and all of its enhancements with a high-quality family of debug tools. Philips has extended its 80C51 architecture to support up to 16MB of program
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22/11/01 - ASHLING Microsystems has developed a prototyping kit for Philips Semiconductors P8WE5000 and P8RF5000 series Smart Card microcontrollers. The prototyping kit for Smart Card (PKSC) is available now and is used to provide stand-alone device emulation
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17/09/01 - ONCORE Systems Corporation, developer of the OnCore OS, has announced a compatibility strategy for VxWorks application developers that enables using VxWorks applications in a mixed OS environment, including Linux, pSOS, POSIX, and other platforms.
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