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Plymovent launches Mist Eliminator

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Oil-mist exposure is one of the serious health and environmental issues in industry today.

But with Macquarie Manufacturing supplying Plymovent’s Mist Eliminator, those issues can be taken care of at the source.

The presence of oil mist in the workplace can raise a number of health and safety related issues, such as allergies, skin and eye irritations and most seriously, oil-lung.

The presence of oil-mist also increases potential safety hazards such as slippery floors, machine fires and electronic equipment breakdown.

Plymovent has recently updated its range of oil mist extraction systems from individual units to expandable modular systems, such as the Mist Eliminator.

These oil-mist filtration units are designed to improve working conditions through the removal of airborne machine coolant contaminants and achieve significant savings by reducing coolant losses, energy consumption and machine downtime.

The unique modular design of the Plymovent Mist Eliminator ensures easy installation but more importantly offers increased flexibility as the system can be configured to suit the desired filtration application.

A number of different filter media and modules ensure that all of the filtration demands are met, whether they be particulate, coalescing or chemical absorption.

The HEPA filter for example ensures 99.97% filtration of particulates down to 3µm, while the Carbon filter effectively removes odours and vapours.

This means that if the application changes, the system can be adapted either by inserting a new filter media into the module, or by adding another module to the filter.

This product and many more dust and fume extraction products in the Plymovent range are available from Macquarie Manufacturing Pty Ltd.

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