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Mobile welding fume extraction unit

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article image The Plymovent MFC1200

MACQUARIE Manufacturing Pty Ltd is the proud Australian Representative of Plymovent Dust and Fume Extraction Equipment. Plymovent mobile welding fume extraction units are the perfect option for applications that require flexibility in the workshop, says Macquarie.

Plymovent's MultiFume Caddie is designed as a mobile welding fume extraction unit to extract and filter fumes generated during welding operations, making it useful for light engineering and repair work.

The latest model of mobile welding fume extraction unit, the Plymovent MFC1200 is made of galvanised powder coated steel and is mounted on heavy duty casters for mobility in the workshop environment.

The standing, flexible, self supporting extraction arm of the mobile welding fume extractor has a round hood and is easily positioned with a single hand thanks to the ergonomic design of the welding fume extraction arm. The arm itself has a 3m reach from the unit.

The mobile welding fume extraction unit filters in three stages; a spark arresting plate, an aluminium washable mesh pre-filter and disposable cellulose filter cassette for welding fume.

This product and many more dust and fume extraction products in the Plymovent range are available from Macquarie Manufacturing Pty Ltd.

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