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Macnaught’s M-series flow meters receive NMI certification

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Bulk liquid handlers now have a new supplier of National Measurement Institute certified flow meters. The company is Australian fluid management manufacturer Macnaught.

Macnaught’s M-series positive displacement flow meters have received NMI certification for precision metering of petroleum products other than liquefied petroleum gas.

NMI is the federal government agency responsible for Australia’s trade measurement system.

Companies handling petroleum products for trade or consumer sale are among the major users expected to take advantage of Macnaught’s new certification breakthrough.

Macnaught  has been a leading designer and manufacturer of lubrication and fluid management solutions in this country for nearly 60 years.

The new generation M-series flow meters can be used for fluids with a dynamic viscosity ranging from 0.4–20mPa.s at 20deg. C.

There are six M-series models, ranging in maximum flow rate from 120L/min. (M10), through 250L/min. (M40), 350L/min. (M50), 700L/min. (M80) to a massive 1200/L min. (M100).

Macnaught M-series flow meters are designed and manufactured in Australia.

The M-series flowmeters are simple and robust, for optimum accuracy and dependability.

Each flow meter comes complete with all necessary fittings and a calibration report from the company’s test laboratory.

“We are very excited about the opportunities that NMI certification brings for users who have been looking for a world-class Australian-made flow meter,” said Macnaught sales and marketing director Andrew Riches.

“Our R&D team worked tirelessly for several months to achieve this highly sought-after accreditation, but their time and effort was well spent,” he said.

“NMI certification follows recent approval of M-series flow meters by the USA National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP).”

Macnaught’s long and continuous history on the Australian engineering landscape is a major factor in local users relying on the company’s products, according to Riches.

“Using Macnaught products brings ‘peace of mind’ that you just don’t get from the Johnny-come-latelies,” he said.

“Our highly trained sales representatives and R&D staff work closely with customers to help them select the right products for their particular needs.”

Riches added that Macnaught products are designed, manufactured and tested and proven in Australia to give years of reliable service under intense local conditions.

Macnaught products and services are available Australia-wide though a network of resellers and service agents.

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