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Macnaught’s KY supergrip grease couplers

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article image Macnaught’s KY supergrip grease couplers

Macnaught introduces the new KY supergrip grease coupler- a vital component of any greasing system. Many grease couplers in the market have four jaws, and although they may take less effort to attach and remove, the downside is this also means more frustration as they often dislodge during greasing. Macnaught’s KY SUPERGRIP grease coupler however, has a superior three-jaw design.

Key features of the grease coupler include:

  • The KY supergrip grease couplers feature a three jaw design
  • The larger jaws on the grease couplers means greater contact area with the grease nipple and better overlap with the grease nipple’s profile, ensuring maximum grip
  •  When the grease couplers go on, they stay on, and with a tilt, twist and a pull, the grease couplers lift right off when the operator is done
  • As the KY SUPERGRIP grease couplers are manufactured to internationally recognised SAE standards, they seals at up to an angle of 10°, making one-handed grease guns tasks far easier without the concern for leaks or the grease coupler popping off the grease fitting
  •  The Macnaught KY SUPERGRIP grease couplers can be used as an addition in any greasing system

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