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Macnaught launches K29C pistol-grip manual grease gun

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Cold weather holds no fears for the new Macnaught's K29C Flexigun.

The all-weather version of Macnaught’s K29C pistol-grip manual grease gun has been designed to operate faultlessly when the mercury heads south.

Low temperatures cause grease to thicken, putting extra strain on a grease gun’s working parts.

But the K29C Flexigun, with its improved leak-resistant follower, is well up to the task.

Able to handle up to NLGI No. 2 greases, the K29C Flexigun can pump at up to 52,000kPa (7500psi, 520bar) and 0.68gm per shot.

Like its K29 and K32 Flexigun stable mates, the K29C features simple single-handed operation and a time-saving short-stroke option for easy greasing jobs.

In the short stroke setting, the trigger only has to be returned part-way to begin the next stroke.

Also in common with Macnaught’s other Flexiguns, the K29C has a durable two-stage powder coat finish.

The versatile K29C Flexigun accepts a 450gm (15.9oz) cartridge, bulk or J2 pump supply, and comes with a 230mm flexible extension and KY coupler for hard-to-get-at lubrication points.

Macnaught’s marketing manager, Lorenzo Gella, said that the K29C Flexigun is another example of Macnaught using its local design and engineering expertise to respond to market needs with innovative customer-focused products.

“Farmers from Australia’s cooler regions – Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia particularly – and higher altitudes asked us to make a tough and dependable grease gun for cold conditions, so we did!” Mr Gella said.

“Of course the K29C Flexigun also works perfectly in hot conditions, making it the ideal all-weather grease gun for farming, mining, automotive, transport and manufacturing users.

“Macnaught’s Australian design engineers are constantly looking for ways to keep our lubrication equipment, flow meters and hose reels at the forefront of their respective fields,” Lorenzo Gella concluded.

The K29C Flexigun is fully serviceable at more than 70 official Macnaught service centres.

Like all Macnaught Design products, the K29C has been rigorously tested under Australian conditions.

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