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Macnaught Australia unveils Macnaught Design range

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In a stunning vote of product confidence, Macnaught Australia has launched its Macnaught Design range.

The Macnaught Design range includes company-built pumps, grease guns, oil and grease systems, oil and fuel transfer gear and Retracta hose reels.

The new product support program is the recent initiative in Macnaught’s national strategy of building share in a national market, driven in part by the global resources boom.

In July this year, Macnaught, which is active in more than 60 export destinations, unveiled a major market push in Australia, including the formation of its own national sales and service team.

Macnaught was moving against the flight of Australian manufacturers heading off-shore and was strategically building its national market presence for the future.

Macnaught Design represented Australian ingenuity applied to local challenges. This means Macnaught engineers develop and test its designs for performance and durability, and Macnaught then control manufactures to high possible quality standards.

Macnaught guarantees that users can trust these products to work hard under local conditions and not to cost users lost time and money.

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