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Fully positive displacement flow meters from Macnaught

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Macnaught  has recently introduced a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to its manufacturing plant.

The CMM is a precision measurement instrument that can accurately and consistently measure components to design specifications.

With a measurement accuracy of plus or minus one thousandth of a millimeter this machine is particularly beneficial when producing meters as it allows meter components to be checked dimensionally to tolerance faster and more precisely then conventional manual procedures.

Steve Gavin, Macnaughts Manufacturing Manger said “Not only will this increase productivity but it will eliminate any part discrepancies before the meter is assembled and tested. With the use of the new CMM machine customers can be even more confident that their Macnaught meter will be produced to its optimum performance capability”.

M-series and WM- series range of fully positive displacement flow meters are available from Macnaught.

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