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Flowmeters prove reliable on fuel storage tanks for mines

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article image Transtank director Neil Harrison.

An Australian designer and builder of relocatable, self-bunded hydrocarbon storage and dispensing solutions says he is still waiting for a bad report on Macnaught fuel flowmeters.

Transtank director Neil Harrison says Macnaught meters deliver the type of accuracy, simplicity and reliability at the very heart of cost control and efficiency on remote mining sites.

“We use Macnaught flowmeters on our modular tanks because of their simplicity and accuracy, and because of the service support we receive from Macnaught’s agents in NSW, Metco Sales,” Harrison says.

He says Transtank generally supplies its modules with the Macnaught model M80 fuel meter in a range of register options including LCD, digital and analogue.

“We’ve had Macnaught units out in the field now for a couple of years and we’ve yet to see one come back for service,” he says.

The model M80 flowmeter body is made of aluminium for in-line metering of the full range of liquids. The unit is available with a range of display options including digital and analogue delivering read out accuracy of +/- 0.5%.

Maximum operating pressure is 1200kPa/175psi/12bar.

According to Harrison, Transtank’s equipment is “intermodal” in accordance with the ISO footprint for shipping containers and is sold to customers in the resource development and transport sectors.

He says modularity, portability and adaptability are key benefits that arise from using fuel storage modules.

“Transtank portable fuel storage units are easily moved between sites by rail, road or sea, and are used for static fuel storage mainly at remote mine sites,” he says.

“Each unit is designed so our customers can simply ‘plug and play’. This means they can have their loaded transportable fuel tanks delivered on site, plug the fuel pump into a power source and begin dispensing.

“When the mine face moves, so can the fuel unit.”

The tanks feature enclosed pumping facilities and interlocking characteristics.

Each Transtank module is self-bunded and is “framed out” or reinforced to allow it to easily withstand the outward thrust generated by tens of thousands of litres of liquid.

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