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Steam traps and water valves from Mack Valves

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Mack Valves  manufactures a range of globe valves, check valves, reducing valves, sight flow indicators, safety valves, and relief valves, surplus valves, ball float valves, diaphragm actuated valves, steam traps, ball valves and Y type strainers.

Mack Valves is a designer and manufacturer of a range of cryogenic valves for the transportation, processing and storage of cryogenic fluids and gases. These valves are designed for cryogenic, oxygen and gas services. These valves provide safe and reliable services to the clients in critical environments because of the strict quality controls and the tested designs. Mack Valves also has the capability to design custom made cryogenic valve designs as per the specifications of the clients.

Some of the cryogenic valves available from Mack Valves are the 51 Series 3-way Diverting Ball Valve, the 122 Series S/S Cryogenic Globe Valve, S/S Bolted Bonnet Cryogenic Globe Valve – English, S/S Bolted Bonnet Cryogenic Globe Valve – Chinese, 143 Series Disc Valve, 164 SeriesDisc Valve, 193 Series Disc Valve, 354 Series Piston Check Valve, 574 Series Ball Valves, 674 Series Y Strainer, 721 Series Full Lift Safety/Relief Valve, 773 Series Pressure Build Valve, 794 Series Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve, HL Series various Safety/Relief Valves, 550 Series 3 piece Firesafe Ball Valve and 551 Series 3 piece Ball Valve.

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