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Mat Cutter equipment available from Machines4u.com.au

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Machines4u.com.au  has a selection of new and used Mat Cutter types to suit picture framing cutting requirements.

If you have a small workshop and only require a small Mat Cutter to cut various types of backing boards there are several models to choose from.

If you have a larger workshop and require a mat cutter that is more heavy duty then you maybe more interested in the larger CNC controlled high production models with a faster cutting capacity.

You can search and compare though different mat cutter types 24 hours a day, seven days a week all at the touch of you keyboard.

If you need to sell you existing mat cutter you can do this by placing an advertisement with a full description and digital photos which will then get advertised across Australia instantly.

Whether you are a machinery dealer in Sydney or have a cabinet making shop in Alice Springs you can easily place and control advertisements of your mat cutter that will go live to hundreds of potential buys across the globe within minutes.

Here are 3 tips to consider when buying your next mat cutter:

  • Choose a machine that will keep up with the demand of your work load
  • Position the mat cutter in the best part of your factory that will work in with your current work flow
  • Cost in any extras that you will need for your mat cutter in advance so that you do not get caught with additional cost on installation. (Eg extra power, tooling, operator training, loading and unloading, computers & software)

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