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SPM Instrument AB has launched a new Bearing Checker, a new portable measuring instrument for fast evaluation of ball and roller bearing condition.

Available from Machinery Vibration Specialists , it is the perfect instrument for introducing condition based maintenance of machinery as a means to cut production costs.

A full-scale condition monitoring system can be a substantial investment. To help customers achieve a head start with condition based maintenance, SPM Instrument AB developed the Bearing Checker.

The target groups for this product are plant mechanics, machine operators and maintenance technicians.

Bearing damage is one of the most common mechanical machine failures. However, bearing damage does not usually happen overnight but evolves over time, causing shocks in the bearing.

Through regular shock pulse measurement, the development of the damage can be monitored.

The Bearing Checker measures shock pulses on bearings and instantly gives a green - yellow - red status indication showing whether a damage is developing and its severity.

Maintenance and repairs can then be scheduled for an appropriate time, not causing major production losses.

Unnecessary repair work based on experience and recommendations on running time can be avoided and money can be saved.

The Bearing Checker is unique – it is the first portable, pocket-size instrument, weighing only 75g and measuring 158mm x 62mm x 30mm offering evaluated shock pulse measurement.

Besides shock pulses, the Bearing Checker measures machine surface temperature with infrared light and can also be used as an electronic stethoscope for listening to machine sounds.

The Bearing Checker is user friendly and requires minimum training.

The instrument can be used on most rotating machinery such as electrical motors, fans and pumps and in a diversity of industrial environments.

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