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Newly enhanced robotic welding cells now available from Machinery Automation and Robotics

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In order to keep up with customer demands for short delivery times, faster installation, and a more cost effective investment, Machinery Automation and Robotics has enhanced the industrial design of their robotic welding cells.

Pre-assembled robotic welding cells, complete with all necessary service connections, are now mounted on a mobile base for easy positioning in the customer’s plant, and the commissioning time has decreased to less than a day for most cell configurations. After Machinery Automation and Robotics have completed the 'factory acceptance test', the entire robotic welding cell is delivered by truck to the customer.

A key benefit of the portability of these robotic welding cells that the customer can move the system to a new location simply by disconnecting the services and using a forklift to relocate the entire cell. This ability to move the cell, combined with the long life functionality of welding system, eliminates the potential of equipment redundancy, and further enhancing the cell’s investment value.

Key features of these integrated robotic welding cells from Machinery Automation and Robotic’s include: 

  • ease of installation through the use of forkliftable bases
  • advanced level of design detail to offer flexible ergonomic operation, with the ability to modify jig table height and safe access to all areas within the cell
  • high level of safety integration utilising Pilz Safety PLCs, dual circuit safety switches and captive key locks
  • manufacture from the best systems and components for the application
  • built to last the lifecycle of the core components, with the current generation of robot systems expected to be in operation for over 15 years
  • quality pneumatic and electrical components are integrated and protected from the welding process
  • inclusion of all design documentation, component listing and robot programs to give the customer the choice to use Machinery Automation and Robotics 24 hour service team or utilise their own on site technicians to service the robotic welding cell.

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