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Machine vision systems from Machinery Automation and Robotics

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Customised machine vision and sensing technologies from Machinery Automation and Robotics could be the answer to tightening quality goals, increasing production throughputs, and keeping up with productivity demands.

Using machine vision technology to provide an automated quality assurance solution effectively replaces the need for manual inspection. Once preprogrammed with the various inspections to be performed and the tolerances to measure against, machine vision systems are capable of inspecting up to 1200 units per second, per camera.

As the authorised system partner for Cognex machine vision systems in NSW, Machinery Automation and Robotics has the expertise to integrate a vision system into an existing production space or, alternatively, design a complete automation solution specifically tailored to individual needs.

Machine vision systems can help manufacturers achieve:

  • quality assurance inspection of colour variations, pattern, OCR, OCV and barcode recognition
  • PET and glass bottle inspection
  • label inspection
  • seal detection
  • blob analysis
  • colour analysis and filtering
  • flaw detection
  • vision optics.
For those companies using boxes for product packaging, machine vision systems can be programmed to check cardboard thickness and detect details prior to box folding. Once folded or assembled, glue lines, barcodes, labels, seals and flaps can also be checked to ensure the product meets strict requirements of both the market and the retailers and is ready to be shipped.

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