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On site machine projects from Machine Tech

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Machine Tech  offers on site machining services. Machine Tech provides these machines to petrochemical plants, mining, off shore oil platforms, refineries and paper and pulp industries. Machine Tech presents all facets of onsite machining.

Machine Tech has completed wide range of projects in various industries. The projects completed by Machine Tech includes portable XY milling, large diameter line boring, small diameter line boring, flange facing and milling pump bases. Machine Tech offers services to the clients in the following industries.

The clients of Machine Tech in petrochemical industry include Shell, Quenos and Mobil. The client in paper and pulp industry includes Amcore and APM. The client from Quarry industry includes Terex Jaques.

Machine Tech offers range of services including on site machining, portable XY milling and controlled bolting, cutting and drilling. The portable XY milling service from Machine Tech includes line boring and hot tapping. Line boring service from Machine Tech includes both small diameter and large diameter line boring. The on site machining service include cutting of pipes, weld prepping and flange facing.

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