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Mach Communications, the first Australian specialist M2M network provider launched

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Mach Communications, the first Australian specialist M2M (machine to machine) network provider was launched earlier this month by company founders, Shane Murphy and Megan Walker.

The M2M market in Australia is experiencing rapid growth, as companies embrace wireless devices and telemetry applications that remotely manage and control key business processes. Such devices include wireless electricity and gas meters, eftpos terminals, and security cameras that use GSM, GPRS and 3G technologies.

The Australian machine communications market is expected to reach 500,000 connections in 2007, more than double the number from last year, according to Mach Communications’ Shane Murphy.

Traditionally, telecommunications carriers in Australia have not given the M2M market prime attention, choosing to focus instead on consumer and business mobile phone customers.

However, a report by European Telecommunications Research Company IDATE estimates the M2M market will experience an annual growth rate of 49% between now and 2010. By this time, 6% of mobile operators’ revenues will be derived from M2M.

Identifying this opportunity in the Australian market, Mach Communications has developed a network service platform and tariff schedule, designed specifically for M2M applications.

Mach Communications allows developers of M2M devices, the ability to bundle airtime with their hardware. Mach Communications are the first network provider to focus exclusively on meeting the needs of the Australian M2M industry.

Mach Communications customer, Hub Systems, has been supplying software solutions to the transport industry for in excess of twenty years.

Hub Systems’ portable data terminals provide real-time information updates between transport providers, their clients and drivers.

Mach Communications provides Hub Systems with data carriage to and from these terminals, allowing transfer of job information such as GPS locations, status updates, barcode scanning and signature capture.

For the first time, Hub Systems now has access to accurate and predictable airtime billing, and also customised M2M services, such as voice barring, usage alerts and reporting of SIM activity.

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