High Voltage Testing Systems for Very Low Frequency (VLF) Testing


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For efficiency in detecting serious cable faults, the HV Diagnostics range of High Voltage Testing Systems for VLF testing is first choice, with DC “proof” or hipot testing being found ineffective.

DC testing is well known to be potentially damaging to cable insulation, which can cause premature failure of cabling under service conditions.  

Using VFL high voltage sinusoidal AC hipot/proof testing means the operator can efficiently detect any serious cable insulation defects, enabling repair before potential in-service failures, plus healthy sections of cable with remaining service life can be saved.

HV Diagnostics High Voltage Testing Systems for VLF Range Operational Features
Manufactured by HV Diagnostics, the HVA Range of Four In One Universal High Voltage Testing Systems for very low frequency testing, are the lightest, smallest and by far the most advanced universal test instruments available, plus are perfectly suited to a range of applications. 

  • System is included with VLF (0.1Hz), Cable Fault Conditioning (Burning), DC (±) and Sheath/Jacket Testing modes.
  • For solid dielectric cables like XLPE and EPR, VLF is the proven and accepted replacement for traditional DC “proof” or Hipot testing. 
  • Optimum frequency selection for automatic and integrated load capacitance measurement.
  • Manual or fully automatic cable test sequences which comply with International Standard/Guides.
  • A menu guided, large backlight user interface means these High Voltage Test System is easy to use and ergonomic.
  • One piece portability and rugged construction.
  • Active arc management regulation and short circuit protected.
  • No oil or arcing contacts which require routine maintenance.
  • Actual output wave form displayed in real-time.
  • Large output capacity.
  • Download test results to PC/ Laptop, or store for later retrieval.
  • Short circuit protected.
  • True Symmetrical Sinusoidal, load independent, output waveform across the full load range.
High Voltage Testing Systems for VLF Applications
High Voltage Testing Systems from HV Diagnostics are suitable for testing:

  • Cables including XLPE, PILC, PE, EPR 
  • Bushings
  • Transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Insulators
  • Capacitors
  • Rotating Machines (IEEE 433)
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