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Macey's Electrical  offers a range of automatic oil test sets from Megger.

Megger’s automatic oil test sets are designed to enable the operator to easily prepare an oil test vessel, load it with the sample oil, place it in the chamber and initiate the test sequence.

The test set then carries out the series of tests as specified automatically in a large number of oil testing specifications. These define the sequence of tests including the stand and stir times, rate of voltage rise and number of tests resulting in a calculation of the average value of the oil breakdown strength.

Withstand or proof testing can also be selected by the operator. This test subjects the oil to a pre-selected voltage for 1 minute to check for a breakdown.

Megger’s automatic oil test sets feature:

  • Microprocessor controlled oil test sets
  • Wide choice of vessels and accessories
  • Portable and laboratory oil test sets

Key features of OTS60PB automatic oil test sets 

  • Fully automatic, battery powered, portable oil test sets
  • Test voltage is electronically controlled to a maximum of 60 kV
  • Designed for onsite testing
  • Supplied with a rugged carrying case for ease of transportation
  • Internal rechargeable battery supports a large number of tests before recharging
  • Clear display offers simple guidance:
    • Indicates a menu of test options
    • Guides the operator through the set-up programme
    • Illustrates the correct test electrodes and gap to use
    • Shows test progress
    • Provides results of the test sequence  
  • Display offers multi-lingual support (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Optional printer kit enables hard copies of results to be produced
  • Accessories include battery charger, spare vessels, spare electrodes and a spacing gauge located in an attached compartment
  • Motor-driven paddle stirrer 

Key features of OTSAF/2 automatic oil test sets 

  • 3 versions with maximum test voltages of 60 kV, 80 kV and 100 kV
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Built-in printer produces a hard copy of the test results
  • Can program up to five user-defined tests for individual applications
  • Withstand test can be set to operate at any test voltage
  • Dot matrix LCD display offers multi-lingual support
  • Oil test vessel configured to suit the IEC156 test specification is supplied with the instrument
  • Magnetic stirrer bar for stirring
  • Additional vessels are available optionally including one suitable for testing to the ASTM D1816 specification
  • Each test can be selected with either magnetic stirring, propeller stirring or no stirring

VCM100 calibration meter

VCM100 calibration meters are designed for verifying calibration of oil test sets. The meter is suitable for all recent laboratory models of Megger oil dielectric strength test sets such as the OTSAF series as well as the OTS auto and semi automatic series.

VCM100 calibration meter allows the actual applied voltage to be quickly and easily checked against the displayed value.


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