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Webinar: Insider’s Guide to MYOB EXO Business

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MYOB  is conducting a free webinar, ‘Insider’s Guide to MYOB EXO Business’ designed for participants to gain complete control over their business.

When one is absorbed in building their business, the fact that it has actually outgrown its current way of operating often comes as a surprise. What was once a small group of people who simply ‘got things done’ has become a team of specialised staff, departments, offices and enormous amounts of information.

Steven Honkoop is IT Manager of Adelaide Crows Football Club and is familiar with this scenario. Steven told of his experience when he was recently Guest Speaker at MYOB’s Insider’s Guide to ERP webinars. 

The popular webinars were designed to assist companies moving from a small business to a medium to large operation and needing an appropriate ERP system.

There was a broad range of participants from Managing Directors of small business to IT Managers of large complex business wanting to find out about ERP modifications.

As Steven explained, the Crows needed to replace an outdated financial platform with a solution that would better service its needs and help drive new revenue streams. After extensive research, Mr Honkoop and his team concluded that MYOB EXO Business would be the best system to provide future efficiencies and promote growth.

He gave several examples of how the new ERP has improved the way the Adelaide Football Club runs.

For instance, the Club’s retail store sells a significant amount of merchandise after a home game.

Under the old system it would take half a day to reconcile the banking after a home match. After the introduction of the MYOB EXO Business, “it takes just 20 minutes. This is a real and measurable efficiency gain. And it’s just what you should look for in an ERP,” he said.

The new system will enable remote selling, increasing the number of Adelaide Crows merchandise shops in the community, be flexible enough for joint ventures and more importantly, it has been an easy system for the Club’s staff to adopt “affording the staff daily productivity benefits across the board. This has had a positive effect on company overheads,” Mr Honkoop said.

MYOB EXO Business was selected largely due to its value proposition and high return on investment which included a good pricing level in relation to the investment value.

“We investigated various products but decided to implement the MYOB EXO Business solution as it provides better value and greater flexibility in the guise of an out-of-box, simple-to-implement solution. The system is based on a standard SQL server and is easier to integrate with other IT solutions,” said Steven.

“This is a mature, easy-to-use system that provides a welcoming IT environment. I have complete confidence in the new system and compliance is no longer an issue for us,” said Steven.

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