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MYOB offers the EXO Time clocks

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MYOB EXO Time clocks capture employees’ clocking times using biometric finger scanners, magnetic swipe cards or barcodes, helping maintain an accurate roster system.

The EXO Time clocks automatically calculate hours worked, relevant loadings and allowances. The resulting data is then translated across to E XO Payroll for payroll processing, job costing and cost centre analysis, and compliance with the recording and documentation requirements of superannuation legislation.

The following are some of the key Features of the EXO Time clocks :

  • Automatic application of organizations’ pay policies, calculation of ordinary time, overtime, allowances, public holidays, pre-planned personal leave, rounding, anchoring, breaks, exceptions and hours to pay and recording of times for some employee types.
  • Interfaces with other MYOB applications suchas MYOB E XO Payroll, E XO Timesheet and EXO PC Clock.
  • Easy system set-up thanks to MYOB’s Unique “Cycle” concept, and ‘help wizard.
  • Facilities for the latest time recording, including Biometric readers, swipe cards, and barcode readers.

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