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MYOB launch StaffSearcher recruitment solution for business owners

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MYOB  continue their mission to empower business owners to succeed by tackling an important issue facing the Australian employer, cost effective recruitment, with the launch of StaffSearcher website. StaffSearcher by MYOB delivers what small and medium sized business owners with recruiting challenges have been asking for: a cost effective, targeted and efficient service that delivers candidates at a fair price.

MYOB research shows that, despite the economic downturn, staffing remains one of the most challenging issues for many small and medium sized business owners. Finding and retaining quality people is expected to remain an ongoing challenge for Australian small business owners throughout 2009 and into the future.

Even with a predicted increase in unemployment figures in the short term, it is expected that there will be an undersupply of quality candidates in the years ahead due to a number of factors, including an aging workforce. Business owners are struggling to generate a sufficient supply of quality candidates through their existing recruitment channels and MYOB have identified the need to offer an effective solution at a rate that is affordable by small business owners.

StaffSearcher will work well whatever the state of the employment market. It will work in a higher unemployment market as the solution has the ability to sort through the candidates, and in a low unemployment market, as it taps into the passive job market. And, in both of these situations, the employer chooses what they are prepared to pay to find a candidate and will need to make very little time investment to get a quality result, which is good news at any time.

StaffSearcher is an online recruitment network that connects business owners who are recruiting to people looking for new career opportunities. It leverages social networking to make these connections through friends/colleagues (‘referrers’). Through its referral network, StaffSearcher can reach out to the largest base of candidates - people who are not currently looking for a new role.

According to MYOB, many of the best job candidates are not actively looking for jobs but experience shows many will switch roles when presented with the right opportunity. This tool gives business owners access to this passive job seeker market and provides a new way of discovering suitable staff.

Small and medium sized business owners are time poor and StaffSearcher by MYOB delivers the benefits of an agency, by offering business owners access to candidates from day one, but without the significant time and money investment. The StaffSearcher system deals with most of the administration and the business owner is able to negotiate the finder’s fee, thus empowering them and ultimately significantly reducing their recruitment expenses.

StaffSearcher has been developed in partnership with HooJano, an emerging business operated by a small group of recruitment technology experts determined to revolutionise the recruitment process. MYOB’s commitment to offering highly innovative solutions to business owners is mirrored by HooJano.

Business owners pay a nominal fee to post a role onto the StaffSearcher online job board. Referrers create a database of their contacts and job skills. The StaffSearcher system then sends referrers on the database an automatic email when a role is posted on the job board that reasonably matches the experience and skills of someone in their network. The referrer then contacts the relevant potential candidate and determines their interest in the role.

It is a win/win for all involved, with referrers paid a “finder’s fee” should someone they recommend be placed in a role; the candidates have great jobs that come to them, rather than having to trawl through hundreds of job ads; and for the hirer, it gives them access to hundreds of thousands of candidates with ‘no risk’ (they only pay the finder’s fee should they find someone suitable for the role).

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