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MYOB Electronic Time clocks, designed to reduce potential 'time theft'

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The MYOB Electronic Time clocks provide a magnetic swipe card and/or biometric fingerprint interfaces with time capturing systems (such as EXO Time and Attendance), significantly reducing the potential for so-called 'time theft'.

The Electronic Time clocks are networkable devices which allow multi-user access from multiple PCs. Besides, these time clocks feature biometric readers which read a static imprint of employee’s fingerprints. This way, businesses can improve time capturing processing, which in turn improves payroll data capture.

Keypads and barcode readers can also be connected to the electronic time clocks for any additional data entry required for job costing, while networking allows for remote data access where required.

Some of the key features of the MYOB Electronic Time clocks include:

  • Elimination of  ‘time theft’ by confirming user identity
  • They are flexible enough to handle different roles/shifts/ tolerances
  • Fully compatible with MYOB EXO Time and Attendance for seamless data processing
  • Ability to set the rules of each employee
  • Built-in keypad or off the shelf barcode scanner which allows employee input
  • Fully networkable for multi-user access
  • Reduce error rate to a negligible range
  • Major time saving on traditional punchclock operations.
  • MYOB EXO Time clocks are sophisticated, yet easy to use.

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