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EXO Job Costing modules from MYOB

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The EXO Job Costing modules from MYOB are specifically designed to suit the different cost control and analysis requirements of a wide range of businesses including those in:

  • Advertising and media
  • Civil engineering firms
  • Engineering
  • General construction
EXO Job Costing modules are highly configurable to suit both small jobbing operations and large complex multi job businesses, even allowing for different departments within the same business operating with different modes, e.g. Service Dept, Production Dept and Installation Dept all through one invoicing interface.

Thanks to EXO Job Costing modules, project information is always up to date to the last cost or billing transactions. This makes it easier to clearly see the budget, the current profitability and the expected profitability of a job.

Some of the benefits of the EXO Job Costing modules include tighter cost control, less disputes regarding mid-job amendments and increased profitability overall.  Furthermore, EXO Job Costing modules have a highly configurable suite of graphical dashboards and reports ideal for small jobbing operations and large complex multi job businesses. This feature allows accurate resource planning,  tracking of equipment hours, labour hours, materials purchase, subcontractor costs, other costs and inventory used on projects. Real time status of jobs can be viewed and quickly see jobs that are overdue or over budget allowing for complete cost control.

EXO Job Costing modules allow users to identify any conflicts that exist with resources while  previous jobs can easily be recalled used as templates with up to date pricing allowing staff to quote more efficiently. 

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