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2013 MYOB Business Monitor: SMEs reveal top initiatives that would turn their vote this election

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The 2013 MYOB Business Monitor report reveals dissatisfaction among SMEs with the government.

Findings from the latest round of an ongoing national study that MYOB, Australia’s leading accounting software provider has commissioned to Colmar Brunton since 2004 indicate that more than half of Australia’s small to medium business operators (SMEs) are dissatisfied with the government’s support for helping businesses like theirs succeed.

MYOB Enterprise Solutions  released the new research in the wake of the Federal Government’s appointment of the fifth Minister for Small Business since 2010. Though dissatisfaction has dropped from the record-high 57% found in the May 2012 study to 54%, the satisfaction has also dropped with 14% of 1,005 respondents indicating they were satisfied with government support while 32% were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

MYOB CEO Tim Reed observes that there is a likely relationship between the slight fall in SMEs’ dissatisfaction with the Federal Government and their increasing confidence in the domestic economy. The latest research found 25% expected the economy to improve within 12 months, a welcome rise on that reported in the July 2012 report.

Mr Reed adds that the business outlook is healthier with 72% expecting increased or stable revenue in the next year, whereas only 58% reported that actually happening in the year just past, indicating the tide is turning for Australia’s economic engine.

Given that one in two SMEs were dissatisfied with government support and a growing proportion indifferent, MYOB decided to give them a voice by obtaining their opinion on specific initiatives and policies that will turn their vote at election time.

Top 10 policies and initiatives:

  1. Policies that significantly simplify the GST/BAS reporting process – 65%
  2. The abolition of carbon tax – 63%
  3. More Federal Government investment in transport infrastructure in major states and cities – 61%
  4. A reduction in payroll tax – 57%
  5. Increased Federal Government funding for skills, training and apprenticeship programs – 57%
  6. Increased Government funding for innovation, research and development by Australian businesses – 53%
  7. Waiving any penalty interest charges on late tax payments for start-up businesses in their first two years of operation – 53%
  8. Providing free Government-funded training to all small businesses on how to use the internet to enhance and grow their business – 51%
  9. The creation of a single flat tax for personal tax and company tax – 49%
  10. Further cutting Government expenditure to return to surplus faster – 42%

Highlights of the 2013 MYOB Business Monitor report:

  • 66% in the agribusiness, forestry and fishing sector were most dissatisfied with Federal Government support, followed by 62% in finance and insurance, and 56% in transport, postal and warehousing
  • Only 7% of agribusiness, forestry and fishing operator reported being satisfied
  • 18% of business, professional and property sector operators and those in the manufacturing and wholesale sector were the most satisfied
  • 51% of start-ups were dissatisfied with government support while 13% were satisfied
  • 61% of operators in established businesses were the most dissatisfied
  • Nearly three fifths of Queenslanders were dissatisfied with the Federal Government’s support in helping small businesses like theirs succeed, while NSW operators were the most satisfied
  • 43% were dissatisfied with their State Government’s efforts to make things better for their business in the last six months, 17% were satisfied while 39% were indifferent
  • South Australian business operators were the most dissatisfied, well ahead of other mainland states with their State Government’s efforts

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