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Free calls with Voice over Internet Protocol from MY VOIP Store

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MY VOIP Store  offers free calls by using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) that is connected to the same service provider. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is advantageous for in case a person makes too many calls to friends and family or perhaps they have a number of remote offices for business.

If customer and the business office or friends or family has the same service provider then when using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), call between them will be free. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) provided by MY VOIP Store calls anywhere in Australia would cost as little as 1 cent per minute. International calls for as little as 3.9 cents per minute

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) customers do not have to change their number while moving from place to place. The number goes with them, as customers just need to plug in the IP phone or ATA into the broadband connection.Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) numbers is fully portable for travelers. This enables a person to get connected and receive calls even if they move oversea. Instead of being connected to a standard telephone line the phone is plugged into an adaptor box which connects to your broadband internet connection.

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