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METALLISATION, represented in Australia by MSSA , has released two Arcspray 140 arc systems.

The 140GP is aimed at the anticorrosive market and the 140E is aimed at the Engineering sector. Both systems employ the flexible drive system which means the motor drive is remote from the pistol. Both systems are powered by electric drive units which are precisely controlled, giving the benefits of repeatability and consistent wire speed control. Both systems have a constant geometry head, ensuring reliable alignment of the wire for long periods and giving consistent spray quality and ease of maintenance.

The Arc 140E has a 250A power source. It can be used for engineering coatings and for the reclamation of a variety of parts including bearing and seal surfaces, print and textile rollers, anti-spark coatings and wear coatings.

The Arc 140GP is available with a 250A or 450A power source. It can apply anticorrosion coatings to structural steelwork, waterway lock gates, oil production platforms, tanks, vessels and decorative steelwork.

The patented Synchro drive push/pull system on the140GP provides constant, reliable operation using two gearboxes linked mechanically by a flexible drive. The drive system guarantees that the push and pull elements cannot be out of synchronisation. This ensures consistent wire feed up to 20m.

The Arc 140 system offers a choice of coating textures, low running costs, high/low throughput, various wire dispensing solutions and extension spray nozzles.

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