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Web-based chemical management application from MSDS.COM.AU

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MSDS.COM.AU  offers a web-based chemical management application for general chemical users. MSDS.COM.AU also provides several quantities of Australian ASCC compliant Material Safety Data Sheets. At MSDS.COM.AU customers can find a range of effective advanced tools to monitor and track stored chemicals in an organisation.

MSDS.COM.AU follows legal and occupational health and safety (OH&S) obligations related to the storage of chemicals and also assist in the execution of safer chemical storage practices. This is done by enabling real-time tracking of the quantities and types of stored chemicals.

Various smaller-scale chemical users are tailored with MSDS.COM.AU. These users cold be from offices, hospitality, health and community services (excluding hospitals and laboratories), educational institutions excluding universities and laboratories. MSDS.COM.AU advices large scale chemical users and chemical retailers to consider store manifest manager. This is highly designed to manage large scale chemical usage, storage and handling.

As for chemical users involved in agriculture or primary production should consider farm minder chemical management application for the agricultural industry which provides additional tools designed for agriculture. MSDS.COM.AU is a one stop shop for those who search for Australian NOHSC compliant MSDS.

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