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MSA’s left/RIGHT earmuffs offer higher performance and comfort

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A new line of left/RIGHT earmuffs from MSA (Aust.) Pty. Limited offers superior hearing protection without the discomfort and deficiencies of conventional devices.

Hearing is important for communication and must be protected at all times. In the absence of suitable hearing protection products, one could even lose the use of this valuable asset.

Conventional hearing protection devices incorporate the same earmuff cup design for the left and right ears, compromising protection and user comfort.

The left/RIGHT design

A research team based in Varnamo, Sweden began an interesting study a few years ago into hearing protection products. Having compared 90% of the most popular hearing protectors available in the global market, they discovered that there was really no difference between the products except for the colour schemes.

In Christmas 2003, the then Managing Director of MSA Sordin took photographs of his staff with his new digital camera. After printing a few shots, he noticed that the ear position of some of his staff was not symmetrically positioned to their head form.

Profile photos of staff from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds suggested that most people’s ear position was tilted slightly backwards and was different on the left and right side.

This discovery was the first step into the development of a new and innovative range of hearing protectors, called left/RIGHT.

Key requirements for left/RIGHT’s design scope: 

  • Most comfortable hearing protector in the market  
  • Differently designed cups for the left and right ear  
  • Adjustment ability of cups  
  • Room for the ear lobe

The new design for the left/RIGHT hearing protection earmuffs aimed to overcome all the deficiencies present in conventional hearing protectors including lack of separate left and right cups, passive leakage caused by the wearer’s movement, comfort factor, headband position and pressure on the ear lobes.

Key features of MSA left/RIGHT earmuffs:

  • left/RIGHT cups specifically shaped to eliminate passive leakage during movement
  • Cups shaped to follow the head form
  • Innovative headband positioned just above the forehead increases wearer comfort and prevents the headband from slipping backwards
  • Cups and attachment arms tilt back and forwards without the headband tilting at the same time
  • Increased cup depth in left/RIGHT cups enhances wearer comfort by removing pressure on the ear lobe

left/RIGHT hearing protectors have won several accolades including the 2009 American In-house Design award by Graphic Design USA.

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