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MSA Altair 4X gas detectors blitz AS/NZS performance tests

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MSA (Aust.) Pty. Limited  announces that its market leading Altair 4X gas detectors have performed extremely well in the AS/NZS performance tests.

When tested against the Australian and New Zealand gas detection performance standards, the MSA Altair 4X not only passed the test but also performed dramatically better than industry standards.

Gas detection performance tests are normally conducted on instruments designed for use in underground coal operations in NSW. Many industrially available detectors remain either untested or fail to perform to these exacting requirements.

In independent tests conducted on the instrument, MSA Altair 4X Xcell sensors reached 90% of the gas level applied at all levels in less than 7 seconds. The allowable tolerance is up to 60 seconds depending on gas type and can be even greater in some industrial instruments.

During testing at both long term and short term exposures, the MSA Altair 4X returned rapid as well as accurate readings well below the allowable 10% tolerance.

Performance in terms of speed and accuracy of gas detection is a critical element in any safety system reliant on gas detection. A slow response can lead to significant unforeseen risk and potential accidents. But few brands are ever subjected to performance tests such as the AS/NZS 60079.29.1: 2008 and/or AS/NZS 4641:2007.

The performance of Altair 4X gas detectors in these tests confirms the unique ground-breaking technology employed by MSA in the instruments.

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