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Portable generators from MS Tools

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MS Tools  offers different types of effective portable generators. The different types of portable generators are MSPower 20, MSPower 25 and MSPower 30. The MSPower 20 can be applied as electric motors up to ¾ hp and the power is 5.5 HP Max 1.8KW Rated 1.5 kilo watts.

The MSPower 25 Portable generator has a power of 6.5HP Max 2.2KW rated 2.0KW and can be used for emergency lighting or power tools to 2 kilo watts and small motors. As for the MSPower 30 type of Portable generators, has it’s power of 6.5HP Max 2.8KW Rated 2.5KW and it is ideal for light industry, powering tools to 2500 kilo watts.

These portable generators from MS Tools are powerful and stable. They are light weighted, with compact structure, optimised cylinder and air cleaner. The configuration of these portable generators from MS Tools has an exhaust pipe and fuel tank that makes installation more convenient.

The portable generators from MS Tools has high efficiency OHV fuel system that provides high torque and reduces the consumption of fuel and oil. It recoils and starts a non-contact transistor ignition that ensures an easy and reliable start. It does not make much noise due to the compact exhaust pipe and air cleaner. Engines are protected with an engine oil warning system that protects the engines by stopping it automatically when the oil level drops down below the standard level.

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