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article image The user-friendly portable leak finder.

CINCINNATI Test Systems, represented by MPW Australia , has introduced a new, portable leak finder - an easy-to-use troubleshooting tool to accurately and cost-effectively find small leaks in chambers, connections or parts.

The leak finder is a rechargeable container for helium gas with a user-friendly spray nozzle similar to an aerosol can.

Helium is sprayed onto the suspected leak location of a part or chamber and can then be observed on a mass spectrometer system that continuously measures the helium concentration in the part while under vacuum.

A leak is immediately identified if helium is drawn into the part or chamber by the vacuum inside.

The mass spectrometer responds to concentration change caused by new helium being drawn into the part or chamber.

The timing of the response corresponds with the location of the helium being sprayed at the time of the response to accurately indicate the leak location.

The leak finder kit includes a recharge fitting and comes in a protective, custom-made carrying case. Integral to this fitting are valves, pressure gage and pressure relief valve to allow safe recharging of the leak finder canister.

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