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Safeline X-Ray systems from MPI Australia

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Safeline X-Ray machines for Bulk Flow from MPI Australia , are ideally suited for inspections in bulk flow conveyors when there is a significant risk of inherent contamination in food products.

The Safeline X-Ray systems are specifically designed to check for dense contamination in virtually any product that can pass along a conveyor in a continuous stream, such as dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, spices, grain and rice.

These X-Ray machines provide an innovative, superior method for automatic scanning for dense contaminants such as metal, glass, mineral stone and product agglomerations.

Whilst the built-in handling system ensures consistent product presentation, variations in product depth are continuously compensated for within the system software.

Single or multiple lane rejection devices ensure that the contaminant is efficiently removed from the product flow.

The following are some of the technical specifications of the Safeline X-Ray Machines for bulk flow:

•    Computer controlled "low energy" technology.
•    Speeds up to 30 Metres/minute.
•    Displays real-time images and diagnostics data in colour.
•    Software automatically adapts for product variation.
•    Periodic manual or automatic calibration.
•    Up to 12 tons/hour depending on bulk density.
•    110 or 200-240V a.c.

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