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Radical new BBQ food pack

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article image The Qbag – a new concept.

AFTER two years of development, the potential for a revolutionary, patent pending food pack is now being realised with the help of a packaging machinery line from UK company Packaging Automation, represented by MPI Australia .

The project relied on Packaging Automation's ability to take existing equipment from its range and tailor it to the most technically demanding, highly specialist applications, such as the task set by FFP Packaging Solutions, a leading British flexible packaging specialist.

A radical new FFP Qbag pack design utilises a specialist variation on lidding films and foils to provide a novel barbeque food preparation pack that is rapidly expanding its share of retail, wholesale and food processing markets in the UK and northern Europe.

Such is the pack's suitability for all foods from meats to fish, fruit and vegetables, FFP believes it has enormous global potential. In addition to barbeque use, the Qbag works just as well in the oven.

FFP has had a highly productive partnership with Packaging Automation for many years and turned to the company for its expertise in developing the line technology needed for the new concept pack.

Two of Packaging Automation's semi-automatic hand-turned rotary table PA182 heat sealing machines were installed at FFP's factory and are running without fault 24 hours-a-day, six days a week.

The use of the PA182s evolved from an original line concept that would have been very large and expensive. As part of the project, Packaging Automation used its expertise to develop a more compact line, which has helped FFP keep costs down, and make the project viable.

In addition, the design team developed special tooling for its machines that places and heat seals a transparent film window on the foil pack.

Packaging Automation's ability to respond quickly to FFP's development plan was imperative as the company wanted to quickly develop the markets for its new concept pack design to capitalise on its unique benefits as fast as possible and steal a march on potential competitors.

The Qbag is a new concept that enables a range of food to be cooked on the BBQ. The aluminium foil bag retains moisture and means meat and vegetables can be cooked with sauces and marinades on the barbeque, while the film window means the chef can keep an eye on progress.

The window peels away for additional ingredients to be added and at the end of cooking the Qbag can be used as a serving dish. The BBQ is kept clean, and vegetarian food can easily be cooked alongside meat.

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