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MAP solution for fresh food

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article image Uses a special stretch high barrier film.

GRUPPO Fabbri, represented in Australia by MPI Australia , has introduced an efficient Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) solution for meats and fresh food, the Atmopack system. According to the company, the system is a result of combining market requirements with the unique engineering skills of AWAX, Gruppo Fabbri’s R&D company.

The system consists of a new wrapping machine and an innovative stretch high barrier film (named Pe-Bar). Thanks to the excellent stretching ability of the barrier film and the uncomplicated design of the wrapping machine, this system provides incredible cost benefits for both machine and film.

Selected customers already have had the opportunity to install and test Atmopack machines in their plants deriving immediate benefits from the key features of the system. These features include a very small foot print, low capital investment and lower running costs.

Grocery products, packed using the Atmopack system, enhance their retailer appeal by promoting a MAP product that maintains all the attractiveness of traditional stretch wrapped fresh food. Consumer appeal is emphasised by the Pe-Bar film gloss and clarity and by the excellent barrier features that result in optimal preservation of the organoleptic characteristics and the overall quality of the food.

The increasing demand for freshly packed food and the strong pressure on prices are leading food processors and supermarkets to find more efficient and productive ways to pack and distribute their products. For some time the market increasingly has been looking for new packaging systems - systems capable of extending the shelf life of fresh food as well as minimising pack costs. Gruppo Fabbri believes the Atmopack system is currently the most viable answer to these market needs and the product is daily gaining ground against traditional stretch wrapping systems.

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