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Caribbean Kitchens uses Packaging Automation’s PA217 manual tray sealer

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The flexibility to hire tray sealing equipment and dedicated customer service described as truly brilliant is helping to launch a new brand of ready meals.

A Packaging Automation PA217 manual tray sealer supplied just days after being ordered is being used by UK TV personality Floella Benjamin's Caribbean Kitchens to seal samples for an exciting new product range of Caribbean ready meals.

All dishes in the range have been devised by Floella Benjamin OBE, broadcaster, and food writer. The range includes mutton with rice, chicken with rice, fish with sweet potato, and two additional vegetable based dishes.

London based Floella Benjamin's Caribbean Kitchens, decided last year to standardise its packaging operation to achieve repeatability and consistent quality.

Floella Benjamin's Caribbean Kitchens scanned the market and received numerous recommendations to try Packaging Automation whose equipment is distributed in Australia by MPI.

Once PA's equipment had been demonstrated, the choice was clear, according to Rajah Samson, a partner at Floella Benjamin's Caribbean Kitchens, and the first Packaging Automation machine was delivered in February just five days after the order was placed.

When Floella Benjamin project began, it had urgent deadlines to meet and the tray size was different to the previous tray sizes they have been using, so Carribean Kitchens had to buy a new tool for the product trials. It chose to hire, which provides Caribean Kitchens with great flexibility, especially on a project of this nature.

Carribean Kitchens placed the order with the company on 4 May and the tray sealer was delivered on 9 May - a bank holiday weekend.

Packaging Automation's hand operated, PA217 is a popular choice with small volume producers or those testing the market with a product range, particularly as it can be supplied on hire.

Its heat seals film and board lids to preformed containers with a high seal force providing an exceptionally consistent seal.

To operate, the film is placed over the container, the top tool is lowered to form the seal and excess film is trimmed. The machine also features quick and easy tool changes.

At Floella Benjamin's Caribbean Kitchens trays measuring 170mm x 220mm and 50mm deep are hand-fed into the PA217. Each tray is divided between the main ingredients and accompaniments such as rice, with plain film applied, sealed and cut before a branded cardboard sleeve is applied.

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