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AE Rodda & Son selects twin lane Starwheel machine from Packaging Automation UK

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Expansion and increased orders led AE Rodda & Son to select a twin lane Starwheel machine from Packaging Automation UK to meet demand for the company's famous pots of clotted cream.

The Starwheel, one of a range of filling and sealing machines in Packaging Automation's volumetric line up, is applying lids to an impressive 40,000 pots a day complementing a similar output level from another line - all of which line the shelves of supermarkets throughout the UK.

Packaging Automation's range of tray sealing and filling and sealing equipment is distributed in Australia by MPI.

Having previously been impressed by one of the company's tray sealers, director Andrew Rodda was keen to see what Packaging Automation could offer when the need arose to meet increased production needs.

Available in either a single or double starwheel format, the Starwheel has benefited from a recent redesign.

It is a popular choice among dairy companies as well as those producing soups, mineral water, fruit juices and sauces. It offers great flexibility and has been used for products as diverse as chocolate, vodka shots, sandwich fillings and baby foods.

A number of non-food products such as cosmetics, household cleaners and jewellery polish are also being packed on Starwheel machines throughout the UK.

At Roddas the machine has been tested to its top speed of 100 pots per minute, but it is currently operating at steady 70 - 80 pots per minute.

Customers have the option of having the Starwheel supplied with fillers if required, and offers a number of closure options including film feed and pre-cut diaphragms, as well as clip-on overlids for a broad range of pot sizes.

Andrew Rodda said "We were happy to go back to PA when we needed this machine and are happy with the service we've received. We did consider other equipment but I feel we have got a reliable machine at a good price which gives us slightly faster production speeds than the competition."

He added: "PA was happy to bespoke the Starwheel design to our requirements and any very minor issues we've had have been resolved quickly and efficiently. The operators find it straightforward and easy to use and the after sales service PA offers is very good. I would certainly recommend them to others."

Summing up Rodda said: "Since having the Starwheel we've comfortably been able to meet the increased demand from customers and that is what is important to us. It's a high quality machine that I'm confident will last many years."

Packaging Automation's sales engineer Mark Leaning said "The Starwheel, one of a full range of volumetric equipment manufactured by Packaging Automation, is a popular machine and offers high quality, speed and reliable service."

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