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60CZH30 tray packers available from MPI Australia

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article image 60CZH30 tray packers available from MPI Australia

AB AUTOPACK has released the 60CZH30 tray packers.

Currently available from MPI Australia, these low cost tray and shrink packaging systems enable small producers to pack their product for efficient handling in automated warehousing systems.

The 60CZH30 tray packers have been specifically engineered to fit the slow to medium production lines, featuring: simplicity, versatility, small size and small capital outlay.

Consisting of a product infeed and collation section working in conjunction with an indexing tray carrier, these machines feature a Nordson Hot melt unit and a PLC control for precise index positioning and glue application.

The infeed section in the 60CZH30 tray packers pre-groups the product, while the tray carrier draws the blank and pre-forms the tray before indexing forward to load the product, apply glue and fold the flaps.

When complete, the full tray passes through the shrink wrapper, where polyethylene film is wrapped around the tray then shrunk to form a solid pack ready to stack on pallet. The shrink-wrap film can be printed with bar codes to assist warehouse inventory management.

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