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CFS-100 semi-optimising cut-off saws from MPB Engineering

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article image Semi-optimising cut-off saw
MPB Engineering  presents an economical approach to optimising cutting with a range of cut-off saws ideal for finger jointing materials and mass material preparation.

Providing 3-5 times higher production rates than manual cut-off saws, the CFS-100 semi-optimising cut-off saws save over 5% of wood materials. The saws also feature a compact design for user-friendly operation while comprehensive safety guards ensure maximum operator protec­tion.
The controller adopts an industrial-grade computer that em­ploys a 32-bit floating-point DSP system. It also features flash and the battery backup SRAM for double security. Superior to conventional PC-based controls, the controller can fully eliminate machine downtime or damage from unstable voltage, high temperature, sawdust or other environmental conditions. The computer control provides easy and fast maintenance.
Key features of CFS-100 semi-optimising cut-off saws:

  • Feed is driven by a servomotor for fast and accurate motion
  • Maximum feed speed is up to 80 M/min
  • Cutting rate up to 80 cuts per minute
  • High cutting accuracy within +/- 1mm
  • Control employs touch screen with simplified operation
  • Designed for maximum maintenance convenience
  • High quality electric parts provide maximum dependability

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