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Programming software solutions from MOX Products

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MOX Products  designs software solutions that include programming software solutions and SCADA/HMI software solutions. Programming software from MOX Products include MoxIDE and MoxGRAF software solutions. These software solutions employ user friendly structured programming methodology in conjunction with graphical as well as textual editors.

Features of MoxIDE and MoxGRAF programming software include common configuration environment, six IEC languages, flow chart, minimised development time, powerful development toolset, user definable functions, open automation solutions and comprehensive on line help system. MoxGRAF programming software comprises of powerful self documenting capability. This enables the software to build complete set of printed documents including both graphical as well as textual programs. This software also performs debugging tasks including program check as well as language specific syntax.

SCADA/HMI software provided by MOX Products includes MOSAIC SCADA software. This powerful SCADA software solution has been developed specifically for information analysis, data acquisition as well as distributed systems management. This software is basically an integrated and scalable distributed control system with features that include powerful data event historians, operates on Windows and UNIX platforms, standard telemetry drivers, application programming interface and capable of supporting large distributed systems. The MOSAIC SCADA desktop from MOX Products displays features such as mimics, alarms, events and reports.

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