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Electronic product design services from MNS Australia

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MNS Australia  offers electronic and engineering design services. MNS Australia offers electronic product design services for new electronic products. Electronic product design services from MNS Australia include concept development to product launch.

MNS Australia offers Product Concept and Specification Development services. MNS Australia has capabilities to offer electronic Simulation and Circuit Design services. MNS Australia offers
Breadboard & Prototyping and Electromagnetic Compatibility services. Other specific capabilities offered by MNS Australia include Standards Compliance, Prototype Production, Configuration Management, Customer Documentation and Project Management. The project development environment of MNS Australia includes the presence of Protel 99 SE and CAD software for hardware design, appropriate compilers for target processors and electronics workshop instrumentation.

MNS Australia has many years of experience in offering electronic. MNS Australia has carried out telecommunication projects with NEC, Tele-IP, Philips Electronics, and Sigtec. The telecommunication assignments carried by MNS Australia include 2 way mobile radio and base stations (OC, MPT1327), Mobilesat Satellite Telephone, Cordless Telephones (DECT, PHP), Mobile cellular (AMPS, NMT, GSM), 6809 Microprocessor replacement by FPGA, Solar power battery charger of capacity 900MHz and 2.4GHz wireless systems, RF filters for Cable TV systems and Antennae for printed circuits.

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