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Mitsubishi FD25N forklift specially modified for MLA customer, Huntsman

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article image The modified Mitsubishi FD25N forklift
MLA Holdings  had Mitsubishi FD25N forklifts specially modified for one of their clients, Huntsman Pty Ltd to help them meet compliance requirements.

Huntsman is a global manufacturer and marketer of different chemicals. Huntsman’s forklifts needed to meet Class 1 Zone 1 flameproofing regulations. Class 1 is a type of hazard created by the presence of flammable gases or vapours in the air, such as natural gas or gasoline vapour, which can lead to a potential explosion, especially in the presence of an electrical source or any other source of ignition.

Given that the company operated with highly explosive chemicals, it was critical for Huntsman to adhere to these safety regulations. Operating a normal forklift truck under these conditions can be extremely dangerous as it could become an ignition source.

In order to provide Huntsman workers with a safe working environment, MLA Holdings worked with CHESS Flameproofing to develop a Class 1 Zone 1 flame-proofed forklift that would adhere to Huntsman’s safety standards.

Class 1, Zone 1 Flameproofing modifications included:

  • Water based exhaust conditioning
  • Onboard air start with onboard compressor
  • Flameproofed engine
  • Air horn
  • Flameproofed working light and strobe light
The modifications on the Mitsubishi FD25N forklifts ensured that all electrical components of the forklift trucks were changed to either mechanical or hydraulic components to eliminate the risk of an ignition source forming within Huntsman’s highly flammable environment. Huntsman will be using the modified forklift trucks for the production and storage of chemicals.

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